We want you to know what you can expect before you come for a service or a visit.  

Below you will find some Frequently Asked Questions.  


    You can expect a warm welcome from our greeters.  Our services last about one hour and include congregational worship, announcements, prayer, and preaching.  After the service we invite you to stay, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and get to know people in our Rent Fellowship Hall or out on the lawn if the weather allows. 

    For more details about attending a service check out our Plan a Visit page. 

  • Yes!  We believe children learn from the example we set during a worship service, and we would love for you to bring your children.  We offer sermon sacks that contain crayons, a coloring book, and a book to read to help keep children occupied during the service. If they are restless in the sanctuary, we offer a livestream of the service in our Rent Fellowship Hall.  One of our greeters will be happy to help you. 

  • We offer childcare for children 5 and under during the 8:30 AM service.  One of our greeters will be happy to direct you to the Nursery.  Consider arriving 10 minutes early to sigh your child(ren) in and return to the sanctuary. 

  • We value our children and teens and desire to meet their age-appropriate needs as well as make sure they also know they are part of the church as a whole.

    On Sundays our Discipleship Hour provides a teaching time for people of all ages - children, youth and adults. Discipleship Hour begins at 9:45 AM immediately following the 8:30 AM service.

    Follow the links for more information on our programs for children, youth as well as adults.


  • We are a casual congregation. You will see everything from shorts and sandals to dresses and jackets.  Feel free to wear whatever you'd like!  Our only request is that it’s appropriate for a church setting.

  • The worship style at KFCC is a blend of music styles led by praise bands and vocalists.  Depending on the service you will hear music from a praise band, hymns, vocalist and/or the choir.  All of our music is done with the ultimate goal of exalting the Lord Jesus.

    Every weekend we have three worship services in two styles of music. During our Saturday evening 5:00pm and Sunday morning 8:30am services, the music style is blended. This means that we sing one or two hymns in the service and also use contemporary songs for our praise and worship segment. During our Sunday morning 10:45am service the music is traditional.  This means we use mostly hymns, enjoy the choir, and have some other traditional elements.

  • Every message at Kingston’s First Congregational Church is based completely in the Word of God. We preach expository sermons (verse-by-verse) through entire books of the Bible. Come expecting to hear Gods voice and learn something about Him, and yourself! 

    The English Standard Version (ESV) is used for sermons, call to worship and displayed on the screens for everyone to see. This is done for consistency in our time together. There are many great translations of the Bible and we encourage you to bring whatever you feel comfortable using. We do encourage you to have a Bible on hand for use during the service. If you need a Bible we would love to provide one for you. Just ask a greeter and they will give you a Bible that you can keep as a gift. 

  • We are an Elder-led congregational church.Elders are men and women of spiritual maturity and good character.  They are empowered to spiritually lead, provide vision, guard doctrine, and make strategic decisions for the Church.

    A congregational church is a gathering of people who covenant to follow Christ together (church) and believes that every individual has immediate access to God without need of bishops, hierarchies, or presbyteries. We believe that Jesus Christ alone is Head of His church and that the Holy Spirit can act through and speak directly to each member and each congregation who seeks his will and direction.

    Consequently, our church is a self-governing unit with duties and responsibilities shared equally by all members.  The elected Board of Elders serves as the spiritual leadership of the church with the authority to organize, guide, and direct church strategy.  Elected Deacons are assigned to oversee and support various ministry teams within the Board of Elders: Education, Worship, Caring and Operations, as identified within the Bylaws.

    The Congregation gathers as a whole to approve a budget and vote on other issues at least once a year. The Annual Meeting is held in November.  Members who have signed the congregational covenant may vote.


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