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Thinking Aloud - April, 2020 - Sabbatical

4/15/20 | 2020 Thinking Aloud | by Rev. Dr. W. David Thomas

Thinking Aloud - April, 2020 - Sabbatical

    This is David Thomas just thinking about my sabbatical.

    The Succession Plan written in 2017 details this next period of time for me as a “sabbatical of at least six months”. 

    The plan also calls for me to “return to Kingston and the parsonage . . . and be named Pastor of Defined Duties.”    While the pandemic is delaying our physical departure and the formalities of installation of a new Lead Pastor, I am indeed on sabbatical.

    I have done my best to “encourage the transfer of loyalty and trust to the new Lead Pastor”. 

    Now my sabbatical has begun and I am pledged to disengage publicly and privately.  What does this mean . 

    • If you are looking to convey prayer requests or seek pastoral help you should reach out to Pastor Josh, Elaine or Cindy in the church office.
    • If you hear someone say, “Pastor Thomas thinks . . . .  You can be sure someone is mistaken; I will not be offering opinions about ministry at First Congregational Church.
    • If you wonder when we will be back . . . that is not a date certain, but sometime in 2021, and will be decided by mutual agreement with Pastor Josh, the Elders and me.
    • If you feel like I have forgotten you, that is not the case . . . I am just on sabbatical for the near future and Pastor Josh is your pastor now.
    • If you would like to pray for us, please do . . . for our health, for adjustments regarding life and ministry, and for our safety in travel when that is permitted.

    We deeply love you all and are profoundly grateful to God for these many years with you.

    Remember, “you can take the pastor out of the pulpit, but you cannot take the pulpit out of the pastor!”