Small Groups

Small Group Fellowships

 Looking for a Small Group or Bible Study?

We welcome you to click on the link below for a list of on going studies open for new comers or find a printed copy at the Kiosk.  AVAILABLE SMALL GROUPS

Small groups are an important part of the church community and they foster our growing with each other through ongoing fellowship.  We have both ongoing and short term open Small Groups.  If you are looking for an open Small Group, please contact the Church Office.

Please e-mail the Church Office with questions, and AVAILABILITY info. 


If you would like to facilitate a new Small Group, or if your current group has updated info,  please print & submit our new one-page form! 

  Small Groups Discipleship Form   Please submit your form 3-4 weeks before your intended start date to allow for approval time, advertising, and ordering of materials as needed.  Thank you!