What it means to be a Congregationalist

 We derive our "middle" name from the prominence given to ordinary Christian believers gathered here—the congregation.

We believe every individual has immediate access to God.  We believe that Jesus Christ alone is Head of His church and that His Spirit can act through and speak directly to each member and each congregation without benefit of bishops, hierarchies, or presbyteries.

Consequently, our church (that is, the congregation of people who covenant to follow Christ together here) is a self-governing unit with duties and responsibilities shared equally by all members.  The Board of Elders serve as the spiritual leaders of the Church with the authority to organize, guide, and direct Church strategy.  The Deacons each lead one of the Ministries, Education, Worship, Caring and Operations, as identified within the Bylaws.

At First Congregational Church of Kingston, NH, our members make up the Ministry Teams that assume the various responsibilities of the church. Each Team reports to a Deacon.  The Congregation holds its Annual Meeting in November.  Members who have signed the congregational covenant may vote.

 We are associated with the National Association of  Congregational  Christian Churches.  (NACCC)