Our church was gathered nearly three hundred years ago by twenty-three people uniting together in church covenant. 

We continue to covenant with one another to;
     PROCLAIM the Good News of Jesus Christ,
     TEACH the ways of the Lord, and
     REACH a lost and hurting world.

We always welcome those seeking to know Christ.  We also welcome fellow believers looking for a local church home.  As a congregational church, our home’s boundary is the covenant.  For 300 years it has been the sign of who is in our sheepfold, who we can lean on, and who is counting on our support.  The elders believe that Christians are called to be committed to a local body of the faithful.  If you are being spiritually fed at First Congregational Church, we would like to be so bold as to suggest that you covenant with us.

We welcome any and all membership inquiries either privately or at one of our quarterly New Member classes.

ALL are welcome.  This class is for those interested in membership, and those just wanting to learn more about our Congregational Church and its history.  Attending the New Member Class is not a commitment to membership but an opportunity to learn more about First Congregational Church of Kingston, NH.  Please contact the Church Office for information. 

Please come, one and all!  For more information, please contact the church office at (603) 642-7256 or Email to  .